What Is Blackbox Insurance Of A Car

Black box insurance which is also known as telematics car insurance is quite new and discussed in the UK. This policy includes monitoring driving style, records drivers’ on-road behaviour and then remunerates careful drivers with reduced premiums.


What Does The Policy Do?

This policy procedure involves fitting a black box into your vehicle which uses satellite technology to calculate car speed, speeding up, acceleration, put on the brakes, and the time of day time journeys are made. Some black box insurance policies also manage a clampdown with an increased premium charged if the car is used at some point in risky night hours. All the data that are collected in the black box are transmitted to the insurance company using the GPS technology, and then the insurance company would tell how a driver would make a claim.

Market Of Black Box Policy In The UK

Black box policy is not very regular policy that people go for in the UK. But it is increasing its market due to its safety control measures. An online platform used in this policy through the site “Driver IQ”, offer online tools that are designed to help the young and newbie drivers on the road to control their driving.  The market analysts expect that in near future, probably by 2020 there will be one in four car insurance policies with the Black Box facility. On the other hand, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) promotes that the sales of black box insurance policies have improved in the past two years by five-fold and are anticipated to reach 500,000 in the next two years.

 Black Box Insurance For Young Drivers

These black box insurance policies are mostly helpful for the young drivers for whom it would be difficult to find out a less expensive and affordable car cover. And in some cases, young drivers even don’t get any cover which can also be viable with the black box insurance. This facility is available with the black box insurance as in this system the insurance company calculates policy costs and premium in proportion to the statistical risk of the driver. And most of the black box insurance policy providers estimate the young drivers are having too high a possibility of accident founded on the accident statistics. According to the Association of British Insurers’ record, drivers aged between 17 and 24 are three times more prone than other drivers to be in charge of Accidental Claims. And as the telematics insurance technology records the drivers on road behaviour, and driving ability thus a good driver may get decreased rate of premium to pay at the time of renewal of the policy. So, the final payable premium depends on the exact profile of the driver to some extent.

Others Who Get Benefitted

This policy is mostly helpful for the young drivers though it is a good option for occasional drivers who do not drive often. It is also good for those who rarely drive in the pick hours or/and in the night time, as these factors affect the premium rate go down noticeably.


What Is Multicar Insurance

In the UK there are several such families who have multiple cars and those cars are driven by several members of the family. These types of families often face a problem to choose suitable car insurance plan for them. But here is the multi-car policy which offers the best opportunity to available single policy for all cars. This particular car policy is thebest policy for the homes as it covers all the cars registered at the same address all in one even with a discounted price. Most of the insurance company offers discounts up to 1/3rd of the policy premium for multiple cars in policy.


Multi Car Insurance: Know What It Is

It is already said that this insurance policy is to cover multiple cars of a same owner or members of a family. Generally,these policies offered in the UK cover five cars(number of thecar may differ with some insurer) under the same policy, but keeping all the benefits available as given to regular policies.

How Is It Different From Regular Policy

This is nothing very different from the regular policy. The difference with the regular policy is that it is for one car whereas the multi-car policy covers up to 5 cars in general. And with the same sense when it involves the multiple cars break cover with a cut rate; it’s been accessible for those who procure cover for multiple cars in the single policy.

Facts To Be Remembered

  • In a multi-car policy, one is offered to choose several levels of insurance and special surpluses for each of the cars, but all the cars must be registered under the same
  • And in multi-car policy due renewal date is set considering the date of last car insurance renewal date. It means in thecase of yearly policy; the renewal date will be after 12 months of the last cars date of inclusion.
  • This multi-car insurance is only to cover the cars that are used as a private vehicle only. Though the registered drivers under this multi car policy are able to drive any of the cars included in the said policy.

Multi Car Insurance: For Whom

The multi-car policy is the way to insure all the cars with a single insurer. Though individual policies could look cheaper, but the insurance companies offer several guaranteed discounts that cause noticeable money off in the premium amount. Even if all the cars are not registered under a single owners name but are at the same address can also be included in a single multi-car policy. Again if the insured’s immediate family lives in other place and have own cars, the insured can attach them all to the same policy they all will get the benefits equally.

Advantage to Purchase Multi Car Policy 

Nowadays people are tending to buy a single policy covering all their cars. But what are the actual advantages?

  • Firstly, it requires less paperwork considering individual policies for each car.
  • Secondly, there is only one renewal date of the multi-car policy, no need to renew thepolicy for every car individually.
  • Thirdly, various discounts are offered on purchase of themulti-car

Choose Car Insurance Online With These Very Answers

Everybody loves a car and wants to own one but then there is no sure that what might happen in near future. This is the exact reason why the insurances and meant for the best. People should definitely make sure of the fact that they are choosing the correct kind of car insurance for themselves. Choosing the car insurance online can also be an option. But then knowing the answers to the questions mentioned below a very important.

What To Know!

The very first thing that a person should know while buying an insurance is that it needs a very proper research. There are many online sites that are available nowadays. Researching on these sites can actually help the people in the best possible manner.


People should understand the proper research can always give them the best advantages out of the sites that they may need.

The insurance company is available online are many and they can even be genuine or frauds. A proper research will always Guide a person to avoid me frauds for the better.

Why Should You Choose The Car Insurance Online?

Well they are great many advantages buying the car insurances online. First they can save themselves from traveling to the Insurance office itself. Then we can avoid waiting for their turn to come.

Also we can actually avoid all kind of questions the person may ask first. There are many people who do not like gazing eyes around them, and thus the people of that sort can actually make sure of the fact they do not have to deal with the same.

What Is The Most Important Feature Of The Site?

You should actually look for site that offer various kinds of insurances. Also they can actually look for the way sites who can allow to compare between the insurances. Having an access to both of these kind of sites can help the people in lot many ways.

They can actually understand that which insurance and which rate is absolutely suitable for them and accordingly they can decide which to take.

Should They Look For Discounts?

Definitely people should actually look for various discounts on these sites. It is simply because of the fact that looking for discounts will help them understand that how much can be save. There are various sites offering various types of discount.

Evaluating these smartly is the best possible thing that a person can do. People should make sure of the fact that theydo understand these discounts properly. Or else there any chances that they may end up getting cheated instead.

Is Checking With The Customer Care Service Necessary?

Absolutely checking with the customer care service is very much necessary. It is simply because of the fact that in the near future on the arousal of any kind of problem the customer care service executive will only help the customers in the very first place. If the services are thus not checked beforehand, a person can be in real problem. Also if there is any doubt that needs to be cleared then definitely these customer care services should be contacted. One best example is that of the admiral contact service.

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